Neugaze (cause shoes were meant for gazing at)

Here is the case for the defence (here too). Pretty soon neugaze treats will be as common as cloudy days in Ireland and thus in the spirit of documenting the rise of said phenomenon this portion of the site will systematically choose the ones that are raising our heartbeats to squally feedback levels of activity. Please drop a mail or leave a comment if you wish to suggest a band that fits the neugaze tag.

Dublin band Crayonsmith is in fact Ciaran Smith and 2 other mates. They released their debut album ‘Stay Loose’ earlier this year and as the title suggests it touches on several genres for inspiration. Signed to indie Musical Voodoo Records the album has come in for a lot of critical praise and several songs have been bouncing around the net. ‘Scarytale’ is particularly impressive for its MBV droning guitar lines and Smith’s dreamy vocals. The song skittles from chord assault to soft pretty landings in the blink of an eye leaving the impression that Crayonsmith are adept at mastering the non-linear approach. Things have been looking even better of late as Sparklehorse recently announced that Crayonsmith are going to support them on their short tour of Ireland. Looks like the amps are going to take quite a hammering over the next month or so. KD

Crayonsmith – Scarytale

More Info: Official
Buy The Album: Stay Loose
Year: 2006


First up is For Those Who Know who have already appeared on this collection of html earlier this year. Though not strictly neugaze they have moments that beef up that particular canon with aplomb. ‘Night At The Danclub’ is one such, all fey vocals, marching beats and grandiose misty guitar lines. FTWK are one of a small group of top-notch sound teams to emerge from Austin in recent times. Their life affirming self-titled EP is available for free download for a limited time from their myspace page so give it the bandwidth it deserves. KD

For Those Who Know – Night At The Danceclub

Watch The Video

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy The EP: For Those Who Know
Year: 2006

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