Beulah – Popular Mechanics For Lovers

If you are trying to describe what indie is to someone who have never experienced the sounds of the underground then you could do worse than to slip them a copy of Beulah’s ‘The Coast Is Never Clear’. Beulah broke up in 2003 but remain in minds ear and it’s easy to see why when you consume their sunny side up style (at least musically, the lyrics often betray the upbeat atmospherics). Driven by the twin motivations of Miles Kurosky and Bill Swan Beulah went on to record 4 LP’s before they called it quits. ‘Popular Mechanics For Lovers’ comes complete with Magnetic Fields reference and is flush with uplifting melodies and a sugar rush for a chorus. And all achieved without recourse to their wonderful brass asides. The momentum sways this way and that revealing a patchwork quilt of enticing ideas. Kurosky has spent of his post-Beulah time away from music and a mooted solo project has stalled due to a serious arm injury. KD

Beulah – Popular Mechanics For Lovers

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Buy Album: [UK] The Coast Is Never Clear [US] The Coast Is Never Clear
Year: 2001

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  1. Anonymous
    September 16, 2006

    This is such a kick ass album. Totally agree with your post.

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