Siberian – Any Day Now

It’d probably be easy to discount Siberian as another powerpop combo flaunting anthemic choruses until you realise that much of their output follows less obvious but more attention grabbing routes. One vital ingredient is guitarist Zach Tillman who used to play with Saxon Shore, an underrated crowd of instrumentalists. Finn Parnell is also pivotal as his vocals are both morning-after and night-before and manage to ably bounce off his partners’ elastic rhythms. ‘Any Day Now’ (no, not a cover of Elbow’s song of the same name) is totally peachy, a song potent enough to win over a million hearts from a cross section of the adult population. It’s very early days yet and the band has kept their recordings to the internet thus far but their self-titled debut is within touching distance of lift-off. KD

Siberian – Any Day Now

More Info: Official & Myspace
Album News: Siberian
Year: 2006

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