The Sounds – Painted By Numbers

Snakes on a plane eh, what an intriguing concept. Probably prefer snakes in a submarine myself so if the plot was to submerge completely nobody would be the wiser. Anyway the good news is that our favourite band from Helsingborg, the Sounds, have made it onto the soundtrack. You probably know the band already from their eye candy laced album covers or from this priceless piece of sugar rush. ‘Painted By Numbers’ is superbly paced, featuring blondiesque guitar moves and a chorus that goes down as gracefully as digby. Hardly surprising then that their second album ‘Dying to Say This to You’ was produced by Mr ‘Hot Fuss’ Jeff Salzman, the kicks are easy and memorable to a fault. The Sounds are currently touring with Panic! At The Disco (don’t me tell there’s more snakes about?) so now you can smile like you mean it. KD

The Sounds – Painted By Numbers

Watch The Video To Tony The Beat

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Dying to Say This to You [US] Dying to Say This to You
Year: 2005

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