Electrelane – Film Music

Can’t understand how I missed this Brighton band. They’ve been on the go since 1998 and last year recorded their third album ‘Axes’ with Steve Albini but it was only recently that someone pointed them out to me. Seems their sound is ever shifting so I’ve decided to make tracks for the beginning and it doesn’t get much earlier than their first single released on the Skint label. ‘Film Music’ later found itself amongst the other organ fests scattered about their debut ‘Rock It To The Moon’. Put Stereolab, Ray Manzarek, Clinic, Rob Collins and Clint Boon in a twin tub, turn up the thermostat and let the colours run and you’ve got some idea of the precious glories expounded by ‘Film Music’. It’s exotic and layered with so many wonderful bursts of creativity you might imagine someone has dropped a tab in your cornflakes. But no, this is the real deal, those who pray at the altar of farfisa will soon be winging their way to organic heaven. KD

Electrelane – Film Music

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Rock It to the Moon [US] Rock It to the Moon
Year: 2001

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