The Lights – Riverbed

The Lights are a London collective headed up by Mathew Lester. Their album ‘Grand Union’ from earlier in the year had been dormant in a stack of cd’s until recently but Imogen Andrews likeness for Emma Pollock on ‘Riverbed’ had me swooning from the word go. The song has some unique features, the synths are decidedly 80’s in nature (courtesy of Lester) but there is also a pleasant contemporary feel to the piece. Ryan Caine is Andrews yang and when both voices combine there is discernible synergy. This is a slow burner, thoughtful and elegant; it’s the sort of music that supermarkets around the world should be using to make the experience they offer less irritating. KD

The Lights – Riverbed

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Buy Album: [UK] Grand Union [US] Grand Union
Year: 2006

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