Purple Clouds – Sunshine

Up to this year I hadn’t come across an Argentinean artist that ruffled my features and now I have a pair of them. If you haven’t heard of Juana Molina by now you are truly missing out, her second album ‘Son’ is a near masterpiece. Not quite in the same league yet titillating in their own way are Purple Clouds from the city of Campana. Federico Bianchi is the ringleader and cites his influences as the Velvet Underground, the Stone Roses and My Bloody Valentine. Nothing that his band creates is particularly ground breaking but the amiable structures are never less than a pleasant background noise. ‘Sunshine’ is probably the pick of the bunch from the bands debut EP ‘Hollow’ with a gaggle of chugging riffs and swirling vocals that could fit neatly inside an Ambulance Ltd EP (once the editing was tidied a tad). Purple Clouds have a bit to go to nail a true classic but they are a promising outfit. KD

Purple Clouds – Sunshine

More Info: Official & Myspace
Year: 2006

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