Sound Team – It's Obvious What's Happening Here

Despite the heavy handedness meted down on their debut LP from certain quarters Sound Team remain a dazzling prospect. Sure, ‘Movie Monster’ might not have had the thrill and cohesion of their extraordinary ‘Work’ EP but it boasted lots of dynamically challenging pieces. Included on the EP but recorded within the influential four walls of the Daytrotter studios ‘It’s Obvious What Is Happening Here’ is a gurgling monster that pounds like a giant heart but plays like an acute brain. This is so far removed from anything else recorded in 2006 that it just makes a little bit of sense to read Bill Baird (bass) maintain that technology stopped its onward advance in 1975. Included here also is an unreleased song called ‘Orian’ culled from the same sessions. ‘Orian’ boasts that organic Sound Team movement where their experimentation sees them plunder higher grounds while all the while despatching several shots of pitchforked lightening. KD

Sound Team – It’s Obvious What’s Happening Here

Sound Team – Orion

Watch The Video To Your Eyes Are Liars

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Year: 2006

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