Nyles Lannon – Beached

Nyles Lannon is guitarist and vocalist with Film School. In between releasing one of 2006’s best albums as part of FS poor Nyles works in a record store, records some electronic music (under the n. Ln moniker) and pushes his solo album ‘Chemical Friends’ from a couple of years back. Of late ‘Chemical Friends’ has been racking up some serious battery loss on my portable player. It is one of those slow burners, a tad underwhelming at first but something within gnaws at your music appreciating nodes to ensure it gets a fair hearing. Then it creeps up on you, a sudden realisation that Lannon has managed to create a laidback classic, full of easy melodies and gentle acousticism. There is something there that reminds of Matthew Jay’s overlooked ‘Draw’ album. ‘Beached’ is sparse yet as comfy as a pair of heated slippers on a frosty morning. The harmonies are so well sewn into the fabric of the delicate acoustics it’s hard to imagine one without the other. Lannon’s voice is often masked down the clearest of telephone lines, thus making his undoubted melancholy all the more real. A quiet classic and the good news is that Lannon has a new album on the way in March of next year. KD

Nyles Lannon – Beached

Watch The Video To Film School’s 11:11

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Chemical Friends [US] Chemical Friends
Year: 2004

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