Venice is Sinking – Undecided/Pulaski Heights

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Funny that Venice is Sinking should originate from Athens, Georgia. Not funny ha-ha, more wry smilingly so since it was from that very spot that one of indie’s former champions arose. Karolyn Troupe and Daniel Lawson are the twin voices who propel ViS’s delightful chamber pop sound. On songs like ‘Pulaski Heights’ the band germ a floatilla of noises that approximate equal parts Frames/Arcade Fire without ever trespassing on either bands enviable patch. In fact the singing is ultimately what elevates ‘Pulaski Heights’ into the realms of greatness creating a quasi-religious experience that you can quaff copious amounts of alcohol to without ever feeling guilty. ‘Undecided’ occupies the other end of the spectrum, lithe and fireside cuddly it will sweep your lovers off their feet and make the job of dumping one of them all the more troublesome. Makes you wonder why you haven’t already splashed out on ViS’s mesmerising debut doesn’t it, well, fix that flat tyre and be on yer bike to the record store. KD

Venice Is Sinking – Undecided

Venice Is Sinking – Pulaski Heights

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Buy Album: [UK] Sorry about the Flowers [US] Sorry about the Flowers
Year: 2006

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  1. November 8, 2006

    Thanks for the great write-up! It really means a lot to us. And being compared to REM and the Arcade Fire and such, however indirectly, makes us feel funny inside. In a nice way, mind you.

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