66e – I Died In A Movie

Do you need a degree in maths to ascertain how good post-rock is these days? I find it quite impossible to turn away from many who ply their trade alternatively between shadowy chord dalliances and white noise alleys of destruction. Of course, given the opportunity I’ll spend more time in the company of bands from just down the road. This year we have been spoilt with the deep concentrated bliss of God Is An Astronaut, their live shows have proven how bands can profit in a net savvy (ready music availability) world. 66e trail in GIAA’s wake but would surely provide a sonic delight in a support slot. ‘I Died In A Movie’ is the title track from their debut EP and presents vestiges of brilliance at every well-turned guitar tug. Post-rock at its best can alter your mood, it can be a scene stealer, ‘I Died In A Movie’ is a highlight. KD

66e – I Died In A Movie

Watch The Video To In A Deck Of 52

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight
Year: 2005

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