Asobi Seksu – Thursday

It’s hard to pronounce because it’s Japanese for playful sex but Asobi Seksu could be something very big in 2007. The band are based in New York but consistently throw out lyrics that alternate between English and Japanese. Not an easy concept for the casual music fan then but one listen of the smooth contours inherent on ‘Thursday’ will iron out these difficulties. Asobi Seksu delve back into the early nineties propensity for establishing dreamy combo’s like Chapterhouse, early Lush and an E’d up version of the Cocteau Twins. ‘Thursday’ will get your pulsing racing from the getgo and as Yuki mouths that chorus you’ll make a new years resolution to grow your fringe all long and floppy. James Hanna’s chords are exemplary, distorted within an inch of their lives but bursting to capacity with possibility. A late contender for song of the year. KD

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from “Citrus”
by Asobi Seksu
Friendly Fire Recordings

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Year: 2006

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