The Stone Roses – Going Down

If they had designed an instrument for measuring artist cool then a good test would be to set the compass to 1989/1990 period Stone Roses when they were at their swaggering best. It may have taken them a couple of years to get there but once their debut was unleashed, the world it seemed was theirs to conquer. Following in the wake of the album came a scattering of singles that boasted a shed load of A graded b-sides. ‘Going Down’ appeared on ‘Made of Stone’ and even managed to outslug the triumphant lead song through its effortless shuffle, delicate rhythms and a sack full of cascading melodies. The gang mentality served the band well and it came across in their tight sound that was a perfect fit for their jangling sensibilities. ‘The Stone Roses’ is unquestionably my favourite album of all time. KD

The Stone Roses – Going Down

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Year: 1989

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    Fabulous! Thanks so much!

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