The Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control

It should be easy to hate this, it is so damn funky. But before you know what’s happening Beth Ditto’s strangled tones have found an undeletable piece of cranium to call home. With a voice like that the music is mostly going to come off second fiddle but on this occasion the bass tugs are just as memorable. ‘Standing In The Way of Control’ is taken from the Gossip’s third album and makes a good argument for the bands expressed intention of turning garage punk into a more danceable proposition. They are certainly out on their own and Ditto’s new found fame (making it to the top of NME’s coolest people in rock no less) should see them reach a wider audience. Their abrasive textures may be an acquired taste but differentiation in an homogenised market is at the very least something to be applauded. KD

The Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control

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Buy Album: [UK] Standing in the Way of Control [US] Standing in the Way of Control
Year: 2005

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