Shed Seven – Speakeasy

Oh, ok it’s the new year and what better way to enjoy it than reminisce about the glorious past. Fighting hangover, expanded waistline, upcoming return to nine-2-five this day will bring a musical version of those rose tinted glasses when the alternative sounded so joyful and triumphant to these once sag free ears.

Shed Seven finally called it a day in 2003 after 10 years of slugging it within the toughest of industries. They never attained the level of kudos they deserved and were often derided as the poor man’s indie rock band. Included here are 2 songs from their fine debut album ‘Change Giver’. ‘Speakeasy’ is a spiky guitar assault that was a signature of the bands swaggering early days. ‘Speakeasy’ touches on the corridors of power of acts such as the Happy Mondays, Oasis and the Stone Roses yet retains a breezy attitude with Rick Witter, in particular, sounding like a brash teenager full of his own self importance. ‘Ocean Pie’ is another beast altogether that coolly hung about like a cigarette dangling from the most beautiful lips in the world. For once the band offered restraint and their instincts pointed to a path they could have plundered with a more pleasing outcome for all concerned. Sadly, for all their chasing of rainbows there was never to be a fabled pot of gold at the end of their adventure. Rick Witter is about to release his debut album with his promising new band the Dukes. KD

Shed Seven – Speakeasy

Shed Seven – Ocean Pie

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Year: 1994

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