The Blue Aeroplanes – Jacket Hangs

The Blue Aeroplanes were formed in 1981 in Bristol and despite numerous line-up changes (29 at last count!) included the ever present Gerard Langley as lead singer. They briefly tasted fame when their 1990 album (produced by Gil Norton) ‘Swagger’ bore 2 singles ‘Jacket Hangs’ and ‘”¦And Stones’ that grazed the lower reaches of the UK charts. The former is included here and remains a low-slung classic with Langley’s near spoken word vocals superbly complementing the memorable descending chord advances. The Blue Aeroplanes recorded and released an album called ‘Altitude’ in 2005 and promoted the album throughout 2006 (‘Swagger’ was also reissued). Included in the current touring line-up is one Gerard Starkie of Witness fame so perhaps the Aeroplanes may have just stumbled upon a winning combination. KD

The Blue Aeroplanes – Jacket Hangs

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Buy Album: [UK] Swagger [US] Swagger
Year: 1990

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  1. January 6, 2007

    I loved the quote some NME hack got in about the many line-up changes – something like, you could walk into any pub in Bristol, spit, and it would hit some ex-member of The Blue Areoplanes…

    Great band though – I saw them support REM at the Glasgow Barrowlands on the ‘Green’ tour and they almost stole the show – it was the Polish dancer wot done it…

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