Timo Maas – O.C.B.

Despite falling head over for euphoric trance towards the end of the last century its funny how I rarely return to the countless compilations I picked up. A couple of things still stand out in my memory though. Art of Trance’s ‘Madagascar’ is just too epic to forget and I always had a soft spot for whatever Dutch whizz kid Ferry Corsten turned his hand to. I remember this track from a cursory listen I gave to Timo Maas’s ‘Loud’ album in a Sydney record store back in 2001. ‘O.C.B.’ (Obsessive Compulsive Bipolar) has a hypnotic quality, not unlike ‘Indian Vibes’ even though I’m not sure whether the chords are guitar or sitar produced (probably both). The beat is bulbous a la Fatboy Slim’s better moments and once it kicks in it’s hard to restrain oneself from rocking approvingly. Maas has drifted into the indie arena of late remixing songs for both Placebo and Depeche Mode (‘Personal Jesus’ if you don’t mind). KD

Timo Maas – O.C.B.

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Loud [US] Loud
Year: 2001

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