World Of Twist – She's A Rainbow

Tony Ogden who was the lead singer of World of Twist tragically died in July of 2006. His band who were once courted by Creation Records were critical darlings but failed to turn their ecstatic live performances into large volume sales. Their influence was far and wide and Oasis occasionally use ‘Sons of the Stage’ as the introduction music at their live shows. Take a look at the cover of the bands debut album ‘Quality Street’ for an indication of their theatrical tendencies (Arcade Firesque before the smoke). They existed within the domain of baggy culture; their danceable sequences were more than complemented through their lavish use of melody. My favourite from the time was ‘She’s A Rainbow’ (a cover of the Rolling Stones tune), a psychedelic edged lullaby that consisted of a tinkling piano with masterful strings/vocal cameos. KD

World Of Twist – She’s A Rainbow

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Buy Album: [UK] Quality Street [US] Quality Street
Year: 1991

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  1. January 1, 2007

    A truly great band with too small a back catalogue. RIP Tony.

  2. January 5, 2007

    The 12″ inch mix of ‘Sons of the Stage’ is one of my favourite records of the period. Such an ‘up’ song… and I need a lot more of those in my sad fucking life! :)

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