Diktendo – The Tune I Call November

The Bent Pen Project is signed to a Swedish label called Melodrama. So is Diktendo (the games people play, eh), another solo project with one Magnus Wahlström at the helm. Diktendo is only a side project for Magnus as the band Citylights is his day job. This situation could change quite rapidly if the twee pop delights of Diktendo were to catch on the way they deserve to. This is the original of the species, a certainty to be rostered beside the Field Mice were it the early nineties when Sarah Records flourished like giant daisy’s in the warm summer air. ‘The Tune I Call November’ is instantly ear grabbing, softly lilting with gently tugged jangling chords and Wahlström’s fey vocals. It is featured on Diktendo’s current release the ‘Sweet and Tender, As We Are’ EP. You’ll go a long way to find an EP so appropriately titled. KD

Diktendo – The Tune I Call November

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy EP: Sweet and Tender, As We Are
Year: 2006

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