The Bent Pen Project – Longing At The Nowhere Station

This blog is rapidly turning into the Swedish music appreciation society because music from that country is all I seem to be listening to lately. Here’s another treasure to add to the growing list. Jonas StÃ¥hl, aka the Bent Pen Project, is a student who records his little ditties to a machine called a Boss BR-8. The decidedly lo-fi nature of his music doesn’t detract from the charm, in fact it kinda augments the experience much like those Daniel Johnston recordings. Thankfully StÃ¥hl has a wider range of melodies to choose from as well as beefier musical palette. Despite the Bent Pen Project’s zero budget there is an undeniable richness to tunes like ‘Longing At The Nowhere Station’ wherein StÃ¥hl’s falsetto is suitably aided by the tender instrumentation. If your heart is already broken here is something to help you wallow in your own sorrow. Much like his recording tools it is totally GR-8. KD

The Bent Pen Project – Longing At The Nowhere Station

More Info: Official & Myspace
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Year: 2006

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