exmagician – Plan Retrieval

James Smith rose phoenix like from the embers of his old band with a clear plan to set the world alight all on his own. By stripping back on the band mates he could concentrate on audiofying what was bouncing around his head. In the process he has created a tidy package of tunes that could give bedroom pop the kick up the backside it needs. Smith is from Belfast and his part of the city must be a pleasant place to be as his flat gently sways to the sounds filtering from his computer. There are elements of Caribou in exmagician’s electronic presentations and an eagerness to cross genre boundary lines merely adds to a sound that quietly grows in your affections. Included here are just 2 of exmagician’s latest tracks. ‘Plan Retrieval’ is delicious slice of lo-fi pop, surface values are nice but there are discoveries deeper down that keep you coming back for more. ‘Our Days Are Numbered’ sees Smith change tact, wandering close to troubadour territory before sidestepping tired clichés and inventing a bright new template all on his own. KD

exmagician – Our Days Are Numbered

exmagician – Plan Retrieval

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Year: 2007

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