Bikeride – Hideaways

Don’t you just love those songs that creep up on you. One minute you are minding your own business washing the dishes and then suddenly the sound of summer emerges from your hard drive. ‘Hideaways’ is so awash with the sleepeye from California dreamin you could almost be in the company of a set of Wilson siblings. Tony Carbone is the architect and even though it may have been 5 years since his band last released a full length the time away seems to have been well spent soaking all manner of sucrose melody. ‘Hideaways’ is just one example of the fresh fruit available on ‘The Kiss’, Bikeride’s 5th album. The winning formula includes moments of genius such as the Carbone’s multi-layered vocals, lean electro string assaults and a momentum that is as acrobatic as 70’s eastern block female Olympian. Before you know it this tune will be spilling from all your friends stereos and soon the whole world will genuflect at Carbone’s masterful altar. KD

Bikeride – Hideaways

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Year: 2007

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