Jane – Berserker

Panda Bear of Animal Collective has gone all eponymous on us with his new outfit and the new album ‘Person Pitch’ is an unlikely runner in the best of 2007 stakes (with ‘Bros’ challenging for song of the year so far). Panda (Noah Lennox) was also one half of Jane with Scott Mau forming the hind legs. Their one and only release was ‘Berserker’ on the increasingly fashionable vinyl format (may surpass CD sales in the not too distant future) and this is the haunting title track. It is what’d you expect from Panda Bear, enigmatic electro lines, spooky vinyl crackles and a voice that emanates from the furthest reach of a long since abandoned well. It’ll either charm or scare the pants off you but whatever your reaction it will leave an indelible impression. KD

Jane – Berserker

Watch The Video To Panda Bear’s Bros

More Info: Official & Myspace
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Year: 2005

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