Kopernik – Trip To Nowhere

If you have a soft spot for Jean Michel Jarre then you are gonna love this. I am aware of Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield through no fault of my own. That is what some parents would call a musical education, I just called it the music I listened to while waiting for the School bus. Well Kopernik, despite what you might think are not from Eastern Europe, take the Jarre template (the enjoyable one) and give it a particular noughties spin. Brad Lewis and Tim Delaney are in fact from Atlanta and have a self-titled album under their belts (to be reissued later this year) on the Eastern Developments Record label. ‘Trip To Nowhere’ is a fine piece of electronic dance that could appeal to wide cross section of dance enthusiasts from Iberian thrill seekers to lovers of the Trans-Siberian Express compilation of the late nineties. Grab some oxygen, some space and time and the night is yours. KD

Kopernik – Trip To Nowhere

More Info: Time & Cycle
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Year: 2003 & 2007

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