Tales of Jenny – Noone Appreciates The Sky

Tales of Jenny come from York but Chris Jones sings in a semi-faux English way. It’s the charming accent you get when European bands sing in English (like say Canadians from Italy (just realised how confusing that must read, but ya can work it out for yourselves)). Tales of Jenny have been stumbling around since 2003 but have floundered on several occasions. Chris Jones is the enthusiastic frontman who suffers from ME (the affliction as opposed to the ego I might add) which stifles the creativity of the band. For the moment Tales of Jenny have left a nice collection of songs for download on their website. The pick of the bunch is the twee pop fancier that is ‘Noone Appreciates The Sky’. The lo-fi production is a perfect fit for the dainty palaver on show. This is exuberant example of a youthful band playing it like it sounded it their heads which makes it all the more endearing. KD

Tales of Jenny – Noone Appreciates The Sky

More Info: Official & Myspace
Year: 2004

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