Black Box Recorder – The Art of Driving

35 not out, yep even though I’ve reached a lofty vintage I am still oblivious to the fine art of driving. I put it down to a complete lack of interest in motor propelled vehicles, give me a peddle machine any day. Easter is traditionally a time of road carnage on Irish roads so in a tiny effort to get people thinking here is Black Box Recorders ‘The Art of Driving’. A nice tune it is too, with a simple message beautifully delivered by ex-Auteurs man Luke Haines (now ex-Black Box Recorder) and Sarah Nixey. This reminds of some of Tindersticks lusher moments and one can’t fail to take stock of its simplistic message. ‘The Art of Driving’ is taken from Black Box Recorder’s excellent (and sadly overlooked) ‘The Facts of Life’ album released in 2000. KD

Black Box Recorder – The Art of Driving

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Buy Album: [UK] Facts of Life [US] The Facts of Life
Year: 2000

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