Low – Breaker

There is something particularly apt about listening to Low on Easter Monday. Their melancholic minimalism just fits the bill perfectly. Low have been on the go since 1993 and have remained a trio despite a revolving cast of bass players. Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker have been constants throughout (they are married) and are responsible for the almost hymn like vocal interplays. And you have to admire Low’s persistence, now on their 8th record they haven’t come close to hitting the big time, this despite recording one of the best Christmas songs ever (‘Just Like Christmas). What you get with the Minnesota natives is a persuasive quality in their chosen field, their records are never less than intriguing (and in some cases mesmerising like on ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’). Their current offering is ‘Drums and Guns’ and as you’d expect it is a real grower, not to everyone’s taste but if you work at it you’ll be slowly won over. ‘Breaker’ comes with an anti-war message, as does it’s video if you can stomach the effective yet ever so slightly vague dig. KD

Low – Breaker

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Year: 2007

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