Susumu Yokota – Kawano Hotorino Kinoshitade

Even though ‘Kawano Hotorino Kinoshitade’ could’ve benefited from being fleshed out a little it remains an impressive piece. Part synthesised, part human this is an otherworldly joy from the Japanese ambient/techno artist Susumu Yokota. Surprised Sophia Coppola missed it to be honest but she’d surely find a slot for it if there is ever a sequel to ‘Lost In Translation’ (please no!). Yokota’s prolific output has caught the attention of plenty of admirers including the Leaf Label (home to Psapp, Caribou and Efterklang) and Shintone. ‘Kawano Hotorino Kinoshitade’ can be found on Yokota compilation called ‘Image’ that covers a monstrous 15-year creative cycle. KD

Susumu Yokota – Kawano Hotorino Kinoshitade

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Buy Album: Image 1983 – 1998
Year: 1999

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