Neosupervital – Rachel

The first few beats are not the start to the 12-inch of ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, much as you might wish they are. Instead we are talking about a particularly Irish bent of electronica from Neosupervital. Tim O’Donovan is in charge and the self professed eighties nut realised a dream last year by supporting synth Gods the Human League in Dublin. ‘Rachel’ displays one man showmanship (now extended to a quartet mind you) to great effect, with the pitter patter of tiny drums, the cool hum of a traditional bass chord and the furtive machinations of a korg soaking up the shadows. It all comes across as very primitive, an aloof throwback to another time where the robots were adept at infecting those rewind-that-song-and-listen-again membranes. If O’Donovan had been born in Berlin he’d probably be a living legend by now, instead he fiddles about in a sharp suit and dark shades wrestling plans from another bag of catchy synths. KD

Neosupervital – Rachel

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Year: 2006

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  1. April 28, 2007

    Great song. Among the much-to-love are the quick-pause breaks at :31, :50, 1:08, etc., etc., the drive, and the superb voice. Thanks!

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