The Kissaway Trail – Eloquence And Elixir

All told 2005 was a wonderful year for the album. Forget the doomsayers there is still plenty scope for the long player to inflict its charms on an ipod carrying world. Top of the list in that exceptional year was Mew’s opulent ‘And The Glass Handed Kites’, a rip roaring prog masterpiece with notions of shoegaze. That might sound like an odd classic but believe me it is a truly lovable piece of work. Coming from the same neck of the woods and possessing a similar sound are the Kissaway Trail. Their eponymous debut is slowing revealing itself to be the stuff of greatness. Nothing flags itself immediately but instead grows steadily in your infections until it becomes vital. Textured guitars are at the forefront of the bands sound and they are dispatched with such emotion it’s easy to get lost in the sonic haze. Thomas L. Fagerlund and Søren B. Corneliussen supply the vocals with elegant grace and an almost childlike sense of wonder. Ok, I need to calm down, need to calm down”¦.ALBUM OF THE YEAR. KD

The Kissaway Trail – Eloquence And Elixir

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Year: 2007

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