Tindersticks – City Sickness

While it would be unfair to label Stuart Staples a complete miserablist there’s no doubting that his best work has been inspired from the sort of feelings that most would like to hide away in a cupboard. Since Staples has struck out on his own we may have seen the last of his Tindersticks project, an intermittently brilliant Nottingham collective he fronted. Many of their great tunes arrived early on their eponymous debut from 1993. Tindersticks signature sound was defined by Dickon Hinchliffe orchestral textures and Staples deep baritone voice, much of which can be heard on ‘City Sickness’ which drips with deeped seethed melancholy yet paradoxically has an undoubted uplifting quality. KD

Tindersticks – City Sickness

Watch The Video To Travelling Light

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] 1st Tindersticks Album [Includes Bonus Disc] [US] Tindersticks
Year: 1993

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  1. What a voice! What a melody! God it’s great! Sorry about the exclamation points! Umm, thanks for this. Brilliant track.

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