Fields – If You Fail, We All Fail

Fields debut album ‘Everything Last Winter’ was recorded in Sun Studios in Dublin and provides a wide-ranging grasp on what challenging indie rock can aspire to be. The band appeared on record for the first time last year with the ‘8 From The Village’ EP and it impressed us so much that ‘Charming The Flames’ made it on to top 42 songs of the year. Compared to that gentle piece of chamber pop ‘If You Fail, We All Fail’ seems positively garish. In fact it took a bit of time to take to its Daft Punkish electronic volleys. But, the inescapable feeling of invention is always hard to turn away and this Icelandic/English combo continually rip up the rulebook. Fields are signed to an offshoot of Warners called Atlantic Records but have commendably kept tight control on what gets released. KD

Fields – If You Fail, We All Fail

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Buy Album: [UK] Everything Last Winter [US] Everything Last Winter
Year: 2007

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