The E.L.F. – Cockroaches

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Funny this, only talking about Gerling in the last week and suddenly a new song from one third of the band bursts forth. Darren Cross is responsible and his ‘Cockroaches’ tune already taken to the blogosphere like a creeping plague of shuffling sound. And boy does it swell my head with happy thoughts as it cutely mixes parts of Bentleys Rhythm Ace, Space and Cornershop with a tasty Gerling stew. This is the thinking kids JCB song that’ll have no bother burrowing its jolly swing into the imaginations of all the apple gurls and boyz that get to hear it. The summer officially starts here. KD

The E.L.F. – Cockroaches

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: soon….
Year: 2007

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