lights.on – My Way

Someone said to me over the weekend that indie had gone stale. I couldn’t but mostly agree before adding that there were lots of darkened bedsits producing the most weirdly inventive music possible. From such garages of creativity could yet spring Music 2.0; when such inventive probes as Dan Govier are rightly recognised as the forerunners of audio’s second coming. Govier is one half of Canada’s We Will Build, the electronic artists who have already had several speakers in my living room shivering with satisfaction. lights.on is Govier’s current side project and while it may sometimes resemble the internals of a long forgotten arcade game the cascading ideas rarely fail to find their target. His labours have produced an album called ‘Please’ which is available as a free download. It’ll catch you by surprise, shake the doubting thomas’s from your head and completely renew your interest in finding what 2007 can offer in the way of illuminating music. Now that the search lights are on there’s nothing to stop you. KD

lights.on – My Way

More Info: Official & Myspace
Year: 2007

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