See Willy Mason for FREE in Marlay Park this Summer!

mp3hugger has finally come of age with its inaugural competition! At stake is the chance for you and a friend to see ace troubadour Willy Mason in Marlay Park on Saturday 25th August. If that wasn’t enough to get you pumped up you’ll also have an opportunity to meet the singer on the day. To win this prize all you’ve got to do is keep an eye out for someone wearing an mp3hugger t-shirt at Willy’s gig in the Temple Bar Music Center next Saturday (26th May). Next you’ll have to approach said human (and his fat brother”¦.perhaps) with a bottle of beer (preferably full) and say these words ‘This Is To Calm Your Nerves If The Ocean Gets Rough’. The first person to do so will be placed on the guest list for Willy’s Marlay gig along with a friend. Also playing on the day are Guillemots, Fionn Regan and headliner Damien Rice. Good luck!

Update 27th May:

Congratulations to John from North Strand who not only correctly supplied the secret password but also managed to twin his pronouncement with the cheapest beer on the menu (didn’t even know Dutch Gold came in bottles!). Way to go John and be seeing you and a friend in Marlay Park in August.

On the gig side of things Willy Mason was hugely impressive as were his full band backup. At one point it was almost like watching Broken Social Scene such were the number of bodies stage. Willy’s music truly blooms in a live context and a chorus of brass, violin and parade drum only helps extenuate what a superb voice his has. Afterwards we went backstage and had a brief chat with Willy who, if the truth be told, initially struggled with my free beer addled words. A really nice fella and looking forward to our next meeting in Marlay Park in a couple of months. KD

Willy Mason – When The River Moves On

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] If The Ocean Gets Rough [US] If the Ocean Gets Rough
Year: 2007

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  1. May 18, 2007

    next time i do a competition i’m doing it this way. beer for me!

  2. Doug Mabry
    May 19, 2007

    RE: ThanksAnd you didn’t even read the <>flattering<> post I made a couple months ago !

  3. May 20, 2007

    It may be a while before I’m at the competition stage my man, but sure I’ll give it a crack anyway. Clare bloggers, activate! Or something. Quality Simple Kid track by the way.

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