Alfie – A Word In Your Ear

You know a band is going to struggle when they name their debut ‘If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing’ (apparently named after a note left by their milkman). Brain teasers and chart hits don’t generally go hand in hand so Alfie were left with no choice but to disperse after 4 lovely albums. The Mancunians led by Lee Gorton offered so much, the panache of the Stone Roses twinned with the some of the Charlatans looser moments (hear the uncanny Tim Burgess likeness?). ‘A Word In Your Ear’ is ample evidence of their worth, its shuffling rhythms could have you erecting dancefloors in your mind and practising moves considered too impossible for human limbs. Alfie touched a nerve, albeit a Twisted one but such was the anticipation of their talent that they had moved to Parlophone Records before they realised it just wasn’t working out. Yet another case of a band not reaching the heights their cosy angle deserved. KD

Alfie – A Word In Your Ear

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Year: 2002

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