Club 8 – Whatever You Want

It’s been a while since a Labrador release has appeared here so without much ado this is the new single from Club 8. The duo have been around since the mid 90’s and are characterised by Karolina Komstedt’s dreamy vocals and the soft lilting acoustics that provide the velvet scaffolding (courtesy of Johan AngergÃ¥rd). ‘Whatever You Want’ is very impressive, a perfect summer release that is easy on the ear but also stands up perfectly to repeated exposure. As if to seal the deal 2007’s most huggable piece of whistling appears about midway in, waltzing in time with Komstedt’s dah dah do’s. Also included is an old one from the band called ‘Spring Came, Rain Fell’ which is typically as comforting as the news that Club 8 have a new album out this summer. KD

Club 8 – Whatever You Want

Club 8 – Spring Came, Rain Fell

Watch The Video To Missing You

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Club 8 Albums: Here
Year: 2007

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