Radar Bros. – To Remember

Jim Putnam and his cohorts are entering the final stages of recording their new album, the follow up to 2005’s ‘The Fallen Leaf Pages’. That album received a mixed reaction, the fans hailed its languid charm while the detractors pointed to a lack of variation. Well, who cares what they think when here on the blogosphere all you generally get is one mp3 per band with variation just a mere post away. Not to say that ‘To Remember’ isn’t memorable because it is, in fact it is a godsend for someone still mourning the loss of Grandaddy (not related). The song has a wonderfully warped sense of pace, coordinated by a dandy piano line and a hip jazz sensibility. And all that before you even consider Putnam’s delicate singing, don’t listen too hard or it may just fall apart in your ears. This is a luscious opportunity to recharge your emotions. KD

Radar Bros. – To Remember

Watch The Video To Papillon

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Buy Album: The Fallen Leaf Pages
Year: 2005

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