Ronderlin – Way To Be

You’ve probably guessed by now that this blog is partial to the odd slice of Swedish indie pop. Bands from that neck of the woods generally come equipped with pantry sized sunny melodies and more often than not spring from the loins of the majestic Labrador label. Labrador released Ronderlin’s debut ‘Wave Another Day Goodbye’ 5 years ago and although they have since moved on they retain the essence of what that label stands for. In between that last album and its follow up ‘The Great Investigation’ various members of Ronderlin have moonlighted with other Swedish bands such as Love Is All and Irene. ‘Way To Be’ is one of 3 tracks that are been given away free to entice newcomers to Ronderlin’s celestial world. It’s impressive stuff, a million miles away from the Arctic Monkeys of this world. If anything it has a slightly gothic edge, with creepy organic drifts and vocals that emanate from cobwebbed cathedral towers. KD

Ronderlin – Way To Be

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Year: 2007

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