The Star Department – Palettes

The Star Department are a Dublin quartet with 2 releases to their name. The most recent mini LP ‘Auditions’ displayed the grand plans that they’ve in store for us. The song structures they adopt generally have a loose feel, trading the traditional chorus verse chorus system for something that never lulls into the realms of predictable. Not that listening to their music is a difficult task; despite an ever-changing soundscape there are bite sized pieces of melody and sweet shimmering chords to dine out on immediately. ‘Palettes’ is typical of the lolloping bundle of jangling noise that the band are capable of as it switches from quiet introspection to stampeding herd of riffery within the blink of an eye. The Star Department are a great prospect who are proving that experimentation doesn’t necessarily always have to be a challenge to unlock. KD

The Star Department – Palettes

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Year: 2007

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