Terrene – Fifty-One

If only a band existed that distilled the best bits (you know the bits I mean, they’re all over your CD compilations) from the Shins, the Apples in Stereo and Built to Spill and in the process arrived at a perfect sonic constellation. Well, Terrene’s new (old) album may just have arrived at this superlative juncture due to its consistent policy of dreaming up hypnotic melodies. John Dylan is the poet and chief architect on Terrene’s debut ‘The Indifferent Universe’, an album that has had a less than hasty gestation period. While the thrills don’t always fall into your lap as easily as ‘Fifty-One’ there is an unmistakable sense of grandeur on nearly every track. ‘Fifty-One’ is flighty and energetic, spilling its ample array of goodies with the profligacy of a faulty sweet dispenser. KD

Terrene – Fifty-One

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Year: 2007

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