Let's Go Sailing – Icicles

If summer fails to arrive on our shores maybe we should stop complaining and move on to the next season forthwith? To help out here is a band from a sunny clime who sing about one of winters tiny miracles. Shana Levy used to be in Irving but is now the main thrust behind Let’s Go Sailing. ‘Icicles’ is taken from her debut ‘The Chaos In Order’ and is unlikely to be rupturing eardrums such is its light and airy disposition. Levy’s voice is particularly attractive amidst the gentle instrumentation, a polkadotted frenzy that’ll dry the linen when the sun is the last thing on the weathers list of today’s duties. KD

Let’s Go Sailing – Icicles

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Year: 2007

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  1. June 29, 2007

    The sun is shining as I listen. Excellent.

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