The Pale Saints – Throwing Back The Apple

Despite only releasing 3 albums Leeds outfit the Pale Saints have left an enduring legacy. Formed at the peak of the dream pop and shoegaze scenes their debut ‘The Comfort of Madness’ was their undoubted peak but ‘In Ribbons’ its follow up was a near classic. Buoyed by the addition of ex-Lush singer Meriel Barham it opened in dramatic circumstances with single ‘Throwing Back The Apple’. At this stage the Pale Saints had polished up their sound, in doing so they may have lost some of the charm and innocence of their debut but their songwriting remained stellar. ‘Throwing Back The Apple’ is endowed with impressive heavy-duty chords, Barham’s trademark cooing and a wonderous turn from vocalist Ian Masters who was to leave the band soon afterwards. This is classic stuff that should appeal to a new generation (as well as the marketing departments of all cider makers) seeking a portal into the sound of the early nineties. KD

The Pale Saints – Throwing Back The Apple

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Year: 1992

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  1. June 7, 2007

    IN Ribbons one of my favorites…

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