Animals That Swim – Pink Carnations

Way back in late 2005, on my 11th post as mp3hugger I featured this song from London band Animals That Swim. And here almost 2 years later I return to its majesty, it is one of the few songs that I’ve studied for its lyrical ingenuity. Not that it’ll change the way you think but it’s hard not to marvel at Hank Starrs fluid and seething/hilarious commentary on a disturbing event that he found himself caught up in. Add in some gorgeous guitars and a trumpet that spins in and out of the songs consciousness like a guardian angel and you have a heady mix. Animals That Swim were crudely ignored and called it a day after 3 stellar album. ‘Pink Carnations’ was a single taken from their debut ‘Workshy’ and marked one of the bands many highs. This is the single version, which had a slightly different zing to the cut that was contained on the album. KD

Animals That Swim – Pink Carnations

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More Info: (un)Official
Buy Album: [UK] Faded Glamour – The Best of Animals That Swim [US] Faded Glamour
Year: 1994

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