Bedroom Eyes – Hand-In-Hand Grenade

Much like his country man Emil Svanangen (Loney, Dear) Jonas Jonsson chooses to furrow a path all by himself in the music industry. Under the Bedroom Eyes moniker he crafts soulful mini epic’s, more often than not giving the songs away free from his website. So toddle along there now and you’ll be treated to 2 EP’s (8 songs worth) complete with downloadable artwork. The more recent of the releases is the ‘Valentine Vacancy’ EP which kicks off with the controlled firebrand that is ‘Hand-In-Hand Grenade’. Prepare yourself for a brush with an acoustic guitar charge, elegant brass work, strings longing for a like-minded soul and Jonsson’s gently tilted vocals. It all adds up to a tidy package of sound and marks Jonsson out as another Swede to keep tabs on. KD

Bedroom Eyes – Hand-In-Hand Grenade

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy EP: Valentine Vacancy
Year: 2007

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