Fanfarlo – Fire Escape

This could be the product of a union between a gorky zygotic mynci and a super furry animal but for some reason they don’t come from Wales in the slightest. In fact the 12 armed creature that goes by the name of Fanfaro comes from deepest London (via Sweden, starting to make sense now). I like them, in fact I like them a flippin lot. You’ll also fall for ‘Fire Escape’ (their current single, which was released on vinyl and came with some nifty free mp3’s) straight away. Cards are laid on the table straight away and turn up the royalist of flushes every time. It all starts out so Grandaddyish, which is always nice but Simon Aurell the singer quickly finds his own rhythm as does his backup who recreate what it feels like to run amok in a field of perfectly upright daisies. ‘Fire Escape’ flows so naturally, a stream of willing sound that’ll convince most that they’ve discovered their favourite new band. Join the club, you may even see Bowie knocking around. KD

Fanfarlo – Fire Escape

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Year: 2007

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