The Shining Hour – Before You Know It

Mark Cohen is the one man jangle-meister of the Shining Hour. Can’t say I’ve ever stumbled across his material before but he has had a long career behind him stretching back to the mid 1980’s (the Beat Circus, Fragile). It took a release on the fantastically assembled Cloudberry Records based in Miami for me to sit up and take note. The ‘Think About Her’ single was released earlier this month and includes the classic in waiting ‘Before You Know It’ (which has already appeared on the Shining Hour’s ‘Long Lost’ album of last year). Cohen’s vocals have a passing resemblance to that tired old dog Weller (he cites him as an influence) but his fretwork is so energetic and melodious it is not in the least bit off putting. ‘Before You Know It’ is superbly effervescent, a shining example of happy music (even if it details a lovelorn situation) to treasure over and over again. KD

The Shining Hour – Before You Know It

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Year: 2007

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