Softlightes – Girlkillsbear (Lo-Fi-FNK Remix)

I’ve just watched a film called ‘Wolf Creek’. My Godly and Cream I need some cheering up and thankfully this does the trick. And then some. In fact it’s an absolutely killer tune, prepared to bed your happy genes and even goes so far as to ring them back the next day. The San Diego quartet are headed up by Ron Fountenberry and generally have a ball screwing with the one dimensional genre fixations that most of their contemporaries lazily adopt. ‘Girlkillsbear’ may seem like an odd title but as soon as the synthesised barber quartet kicks in all thoughts of violence are replaced with your version of a dance move that resembles a bobbing head on a stick. Lolloping was probably invented for music like this. The Softlightes are almost big in Australia and are currently on tour with Wolfmother. And with that this paragraph goes full circle. KD

Softlightes – Girlkillsbear (Lo-Fi-FNK Remix)

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