Band of Horses – Is There A Ghost

Mentioned this tune last week so it’s about time it got the full treatment. Band of Horses released their debut album ‘Everything All The Time’ just last year but they’ve wasted no time in bringing out its successor ‘Cease To Begin’. Things have changed a little in that short space, Mat Brooke has left to pursue his own dream with Grand Archives (their ‘Torn Blue Foam Couch’ is one of years best) so Band of Horses have slimmed down to a trio. Considering how interweaved Brooke had been with the musical journey undertaken by BOH leadman Ben Bridwell it is somewhat surprising how the latter has come out of the blocks so enthusiastically. Quite simply ‘Is There A Ghost’ is the most possessed song the band have ever written. ‘The Great Salt Lake’ is the closest thus far to the energy and lust for life that ships from the songs every pore. From the off the dynamic chords are loose and freewheelin, Bridwell runs with the vocals as if he has quaffed a dozen energy drinks and the general impression is of a band having a grand old time. It augers well for the new album which will be released on Sub Pop next month. KD

Band of Horses – Is There A Ghost

Watch The Video To The Great Salt Lake

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Year: 2007

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  1. September 8, 2007

    couldn’t agree more. have you heard No One’s Gonna Love You? side by side the tracks are making me very excited for the release. it’s beautiful.

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