Chet – By Night Into Paradise

The best music tends to reveal itself over time. While immediacy is great for Friday nights it’s the ones that requires extra work that will stay with you all week. Chet’s 3rd album ‘Fight Against Darkness’ is certainly a piece of ear candy that won’t be absorbed on the first listen. What you’ll get straight away though is Ryan Beattie’s infectious whine and instrumentation that is 1 part experimentation 1 part melodious invention. The most noteworthy effort is an epic of 11 minutes known as ‘Ships Sink In The Fall’. Better to not start off here though as there is tracks like ‘By Night Into Paradise’ that’ll sweep off your feet without the need to lose half of the afternoon. This is as close as you’ll get to a happy song from Chet as evidenced by its giddily frantic momentum. The track is made all the more ebullient by its sweeping brass and Beattie’s incessant chirps and hollers. KD

Chet – By Night Into Paradise

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Year: 2007

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